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October 19, 2010

Various Lisp news

Topic: Lisp

uri-template and Eager Future are now available on github and both have received updates:

https://github.com/vsedach/uri-template https://github.com/vsedach/Eager-Future

uri-template got a new release, and now uses named-readtables to provide a modular way to use reader macros. I think named-readtables is a really big deal. If your library defines reader macros, start using named-readtables today. Once it is widely adopted, named-readtables can be used to facilitate things like a global move to readtable-case :invert.

I am working on some new, interesting features for Eager Future, but getting stumped by how finalizers and thread-interrupt interact in SBCL. Any help appreciated (I posted the problem description to sbcl-help).

I mentioned CL-JavaScript before, and it is cool to see similar projects. Justin Grant did a toy Ruby to Common Lisp compiler that (no surprise) is a lot faster than Ruby at calculating factorials. The source code is a good illustration of why Common Lisp is the ultimate language implementation language.

In local news, Montreal Clojure user's group will be hosting their first meeting October 26.

In less Lisp-related news, Foulab is hosting a demo party November 27.