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March 4, 2018

The blog formerly known as a CONS is an object which cares

Topic: Blog

The legendary Lisp hacker Bernie Greenberg is said to have once remarked that a CONS is an object which cares. In 2007 I started a blog with that name. Over the five years that a CONS is an object which cares was active it cultivated a presence in the programming blogosphere. Several people told me that it was one of their favorite blogs, several people flamed me for controversial posts, I even got profiled by Vsevolod Dyomkin as part of his series on Lisp Hackers.

In 2012 I stopped blogging. Late in 2017 I decided to get back into writing, on my terms: no ads, no tracking, no bloated illegible styling or multi-megabyte JavaScript. Just quality, well-referenced content. I took the good posts from a CONS is an object which cares, edited them for writing style, fixed broken links where possible, added more primary sources, and re-hosted the posts here. I will be posting a backlog of new article drafts I have queued up, and continuing to write new posts.

The new blog is powered by the latest hotness in declarative functional reactive web frameworks, GNU Make.