Vladimir Sedach

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January 18, 2012

Upcoming presentation about Parenscript

Topic: Lisp

I will be giving a talk about Parenscript to the Montréal Scheme/Lisp Users Group on Thursday, January 19.

The slides for the talk can be downloaded here. A list of links referenced in the talk is below. The last time I gave a presentation on Parenscript was at a LispNYC meeting in 2007. Parenscript has received a huge number of changes and improvements since then, and continues to be the best language/compiler to JavaScript and one of the best tools available for web application development. What is also new since 2007 are libraries and tools that extend Parenscript: Red Daly has added CLOS and the Common Lisp condition system to JavaScript as a Parenscript library, and there are now several options for interactive development with SLIME in your browser.