Vladimir Sedach
Software Engineering Services

I help growing companies solve difficult software engineering problems with their existing systems. My background in distributed systems and SaaS across a multitude of programming languages and platforms allows me to quickly understand complex codebases to diagnose Composite screenshot of some of the software I have worked on bugs and fix performance issues. Whether you have a prototype that needs to be made production-ready, or a legacy system that is not keeping up with business needs, I can help turn it into a reliable, scalable, and maintainable system that will grow with your business.

In addition, I provide the following specialty services:

I am available for long- or short-term engagements, on-site in the greater Los Angeles area, or remotely.

I have held full-time and contract software engineering roles for various organizations since 2005. I received B.S. degrees in pure mathematics and in computer science from the University of Calgary in 2007.

Feel free to email me (vsedach@oneofus.la) to discuss your project.

Last modified 2019-01-23