Vladimir Sedach

Software Engineering Services

I help growing companies in Los Angeles increase sales and improve customer retention by solving difficult software engineering problems with their existing systems. I have helped my clients:

Whether you have a prototype that needs to be made production-ready, or a legacy system that is not keeping up with business needs, I can help you turn it into a reliable, scalable, and maintainable system that will grow with your business.

Proven results

We hired Vladimir to assist with a number of very challenging tasks and he consistently delivered with excellence. We needed a truly senior engineer who could sort through the complexity of these projects and be relied upon to meet tight deadlines. Vladimir gave us exactly what we needed and I'm grateful.
Manish Goyal. CEO, Friendbuy
Vlad has an excellent track record of feature releases with very few subsequent bugs. His understanding of unit testing and tendency to leave the code better than how he found it has been a large contributing factor to the improved quality of the application in the past six months. He has a very consistent and methodical pace, with excellent focus and attention to detail. Vlad routinely shows his strong technical credibility by providing some of the most insightful and detailed peer code reviews on the team. His wide knowledge base and attention to detail allow him to provide a unique and valuable perspective to the team. He is strong in the system architecture, languages, and design patterns that are used throughout, which makes him one of the most versatile members of the team.
Chris Maxwell. Principal Software Engineer, Brand Networks
Vlad takes engineering ownership and has proven that he can deliver effective code. He has taken on front end development and set an example for the team to follow. He has effectively broken down the walls between the front and back end teams.
Andy Shin. CTO, SHIFT Labs
Vladimir has worked for MethodExists Inc. on several complex software projects. He has consistently demonstrated a deep knowledge of technology, with a passion for understanding the business problem, and an ability to deliver complete solutions on time and on budget.
Mark Boulton-Mills. MethodExists Inc.
Vladimir is a true polymath and one of the most effective people it has been my privilege to know. His keen intellect cuts through the darkest deep-system arcana. Consistently, Vladimir has demonstrated himself to be a brilliant technical innovator, and a wise and generous teacher.
Lance Hanlen. CTO, Ammolite Analytx
I worked closely with Vladimir at the start of his programming career, when he was already both an excellent programmer and a serious professional. He has an astute mind, and an astonishing range of knowledge about the field of computing and its history, which deeply informs his work. In addition to his technical brilliance, Vladimir has a firm grasp on business matters, a combination which makes him particularly well suited for software consulting. His clients are in good, steady hands.
Daniel Gackle. CEO of Hacker News


I am available for long- or short-term engagements on-site in Los Angeles. At this time I cannot accommodate requests for travel or remote work.

About me

I have degrees in mathematics and computer science from the University of Calgary. I started writing software for money as a student, and have held contract and full-time software engineering roles ever since.

My background in distributed, transactional systems and SaaS, and experience with a multitude of programming languages and platforms, allows me to quickly understand complex codebases and produce results. I have worked with a wide variety of systems, and most likely have experience with your software stack or closely related technologies.

Additional specialty services

Get in touch

Feel free to email me (vsedach@oneofus.la) to discuss your project.

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