Vladimir Sedach

I made my first Free Software contribution in 2003 and have been contributing to Free/Libre Software since that time.

Some of the projects that I have contributed to:

Translator from an extended subset of Common Lisp to JavaScript.
Andrey Moskvitin and I wrote the second (current) version of CLiki, the Common Lisp Free Software wiki.
Common Lisp implementation of the URI Template proposed standard draft version 01 as a reader macro that does both templating and destructuring.
Jaro, Jaro-Winkler, Soerensen-Dice, Levenshtein, and normalized Levenshtein string distance/similarity metrics algorithms.
Radix tree implementation for Common Lisp sequences.
Sparse vectors for Common Lisp.
Modern Cscope Emacs interface.
Eager Future2
Composable futures library (concurrent/parallel programming).
mu4e is one of the best email clients available today. I implemented a new mu4e mode with improved UX in single-frame Emacs workflows (such as when using the Emacs X Window Manager).
emacs-w3m, as of 2018, still remains one of the best web browsers for serious web surfing. There is an active mailing list and CVS repository. I contribute bugfixes and encourage people to try it out.
C to portable Common Lisp compiler. A single-pass C preprocessor/tokenizer/parser is implemented as a Common Lisp reader macro. The resulting AST is also suitable for use in C-to-C code transformation tools. Memory allocation is done using typed arrays, and pointers are represented as closures. A libc implementation (ongoing) in portable Common Lisp is included.

There is some more stuff on my GitHub profile, and many other projects that I have contributed bugfixes to.

Last modified 2018-09-29