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2018-07-31 IPv6 home LAN with OpenBSD part 2: connecting to the IPv6 Internet
2018-07-24 IPv6 home LAN with OpenBSD
2018-05-28 Lisp Machine-style keyboard layout for PC keyboards in the OpenBSD console
2018-04-08 Lisp Machine-style keyboard layout for PC keyboards in X11
2018-04-05 Reclaim C-M-<backspace> for backward-kill-sexp in X11
2018-03-21 Unobtrusive live coding unit tests with assert
2018-03-07 TDD does not work the way you think it does
2018-03-06 Using Make for generating static websites
2018-03-04 The blog formerly known as a CONS is an object which cares
2012-10-12 Enforcing required slot values in Common Lisp structs and classes
2012-09-11 CLiki news
2012-08-31 The Craigslist of the 1970s
2012-05-08 Finding bugs in Quicklisp libraries
2012-01-30 Continued Confusion
2012-01-24 WebRTC and the File API
2012-01-18 Upcoming presentation about Parenscript
2012-01-17 Compiling by simplifying
2012-01-11 The personal computer you haven't heard of
2012-01-09 Bitcoin mining pools as a payment scheme for p2p hosting and mirroring
2012-01-07 The future of software distribution is source code-only
2011-12-24 Don't steal my REPL, or Lisp lessons from ledger
2011-12-20 Programming considered harmful
2011-12-12 Announcing: CLiki2 public beta 2
2011-11-28 Montréal Scheme/Lisp Users Group back in action
2011-11-05 Optional dependencies in Common Lisp projects
2011-10-30 Common Lisp is the best language to learn programming
2011-10-14 The new digital divide
2011-09-23 This is not the Google campus
2011-09-20 Common Lisp is case sensitive
2011-09-13 Pioneers are the ones with the arrows in their backs
2011-08-28 Programmer myopia
2011-08-12 Smart enough to predict stupidity
2011-08-12 Implications of self-driving cars
2011-06-06 Continuation-based web applications: just say no
2011-04-16 Programming is a creative pursuit
2011-04-07 Wanted: plug computer with HomePlug and 802.11
2011-03-29 Lisp linkdump, March 2011 edition
2011-03-22 Abstraction, indirection, and programming languages
2011-03-15 Stallman's Four Freedoms
2011-02-15 SMP system wanted
2011-01-24 Academic publishing is a scam
2011-01-16 The Cloud, SaaS, source code escrow, and the Affero GPL
2011-01-16 Mouse-copy for GNU Emacs
2011-01-10 January Lisp happenings
2010-12-15 Understanding Web in the context of the medium/message dichotomy
2010-12-11 Programming language evolution
2010-12-01 Style is more important than substance in academic journals
2010-11-16 Character encoding is about algorithms, not datastructures
2010-10-19 Various Lisp news
2010-08-15 Input needed on CLiki
2010-07-18 Put JavaScript in your Lisp and Emacs in your JavaScript
2010-07-14 Book review: Nicholas C. Zakas' High Performance JavaScript
2010-07-05 Upcoming Lisp and JavaScript meetings
2010-06-30 Lisp in startups
2010-05-02 Postmodern programming
2010-04-20 Lisp Manga
2010-03-07 New native AMQP client for Common Lisp
2010-02-28 Common Lisp Free Software project updates
2010-01-08 First Montréal JavaScript user's group meeting
2010-01-06 John Fremlin's guide to writing fast Common Lisp code
2009-12-03 Common Lisp bindings now part of ZeroMQ 2.0
2009-11-19 November Montréal Scheme/Lisp User Group presentation
2009-11-18 Andrey Moskvitin's cl-closure-template
2009-11-05 Puzzling interviews
2009-10-20 Web shortcomings and opportunities
2009-10-18 The history of programming language syntax in one quotation
2009-10-15 Computers are not getting faster
2009-10-13 The impossibility of global state
2009-10-10 Append-only databases
2009-09-30 A better way to do screencasts
2009-09-21 New Parenscript release
2009-09-03 Eager Future
2009-09-02 Book review: Peter Seibel's Coders at Work
2009-08-24 The right way to use ORM: don't
2009-08-17 New homepage for uri-template
2009-08-12 History of the American computer revolution
2009-07-29 The reusability fallacy and domain-driven design
2009-06-28 Live SQL database schema updates
2009-06-08 Why your language needs macros
2009-06-08 David Gelernter on the cloud
2009-06-04 Debugging with Hunchentoot
2009-05-21 My library is better than your programming language
2009-04-22 Book review: Doug Hoyte's Let Over Lambda
2009-04-15 Problem-solving is hard, let's go write XML configuration files
2009-04-09 Closure-oriented metaprogramming via dynamically-scoped functions
2009-04-08 Book review: Warden and Biancuzzi's Masterminds of Programming
2009-03-26 International Lisp Conference 2009 impressions part 2
2009-03-24 International Lisp Conference 2009 impressions part 1
2009-03-15 Parenscript Development Environment proposal
2009-03-14 Four years of Parenscript
2009-03-13 I think I finally understand what Alan Kay is saying about Lisp
2009-03-12 Frameworks and the conjunction fallacy
2009-03-12 Assorted Lisp news
2009-03-10 Facebook Cassandra database overview part 3: code reading
2009-03-09 Facebook Cassandra database overview part 2: algorithms and data structures
2009-03-06 Recommended Common Lisp tutorials.
2009-03-05 Facebook Cassandra database overview part 1: background
2009-03-04 Peer-to-peer synchronized simulations
2009-02-23 GWT and deferred binding
2009-02-16 New Parenscript release, and a little on how I deploy web apps
2009-02-09 Web browser engine survey
2009-02-02 Learn programming through JavaScript
2009-02-01 Parenscript tricks and parallelism
2009-01-21 New Parenscript release
2008-12-14 uri-template 0.3 released
2008-12-04 CSS generator
2008-11-22 Some new Common Lisp algorithm and data structure implementations
2008-11-19 Hardware support for garbage collection
2008-11-09 Compile-time intra-application URI link checking
2008-05-09 More arguments for spreadsheet-oriented computing
2007-10-08 Language features do not matter.
2007-09-30 Learning to Lisp
2007-09-17 Parenscript talk
2007-08-18 Memory doubts
2007-08-08 Radix trees for Common Lisp
2007-07-28 Network analysis, class divisions
2007-07-20 New Parenscript release.
2007-07-17 Software Transactional Memory
2007-06-19 Parenscript gets its own common-lisp.net project page, maintainer
2007-06-10 Sunday afternoon distributed systems reading
2007-06-03 Book review: Carriero and Gelernter's How to Write Parallel Programs
2007-05-21 Book Review: Adrian Mackenzie's Cutting Code: Software And Sociality
2007-04-07 More International Lisp Conference 2007 notes
2007-04-04 International Lisp Conference 2007 impressions
2007-04-01 International Lisp Conference 2007 day 1
2007-03-10 Complete computing system in 20,000 lines of code
2007-03-06 Nested Transactions
2007-02-16 Croquet system overview
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