Vladimir Sedach

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September 11, 2012

CLiki news

Topic: Lisp

cliki.net is finally up on the cliki2 software.

CLiki2 features real user accounts, effective anti-spam protection, and much improved article versioning (you now get graphical diffs like Wikipedia, among other things). Change notification for the whole wiki and for each individual article is provided by ATOM feeds. There is now code coloring support. Pages can be deleted for real. The layout and ATOM feeds have been designed to be accessible, and work great in console browsers.

The biggest casualties in the move were latin1 characters (some pages were a mix of utf-8 and latin1, and latin1 lost). In particular, if your name contains a lot of accents, I aplogize.

So grab yourself an account, read up on tips for writing CLiki pages, and contribute some information about Common Lisp libraries or other topics.

Bonus link: Check out Takeru Ohta's github account for some neat Common Lisp software: https://github.com/sile